Who is Enligtenart Media?


We are a small media company with grand ambitions. We have been round since 1996.

We manage an online magazine TMMAG www.tmmag.com.au and market, promote and locate property for UOCA www.wna.org.au a spiritual network dedicated to ascending the human spirit.

We are also involved in a lot of other projects and can assist you in many areas involving advertising, photography, webdesign, marketing, film making, scripts, novels, music, art paintings and video. In particular we specialise in adventure travel writing, video and photography overseas particularly in Australasia, Asia and India. Soon we will be offering adventure tours.

Also property, legal and tax advice including independent reports, management consultancy, OH&S, alternative health particularly for media companies and religious organisations.





      rights, religion and social issues; Internet interviews, research and transmission of articles


      also for charitable spiritual organisation UOCA.



      Joshua Tree Promotion para-Olympians charity and Gold Express Vouchers









Info About The Owner

I started off a yuppie in tax as a lawyer in KPMG London then travelled the world and slowly developed a social conscience. During 1993 in India I taught refugee Tibetan nuns English, and inspired by a famous English Vietnam war photographer whilst in Kashmir, attempted to become a freelance journalist and writer, reporting and interviewing undercover militant freedom fighters. I worked in the Canberra Times as a news reporter in 2000 and learned the basic skills of drafting and editing short print copy and objective reporting.

I completed a Diploma in Journalism 1996-97, followed by part of a Holmesglen Professional Writing Diploma in 1998. In these courses I learned the art of writing and simple communication. I have assisted in writing and communication workshops and courses. I taught human rights policy to my staff and liaised with academics, government and business in relation to journalist articles and an online magazine I am setting up covering human and social rights issues
www.tmmag.com.au .

I also taught in secondary schools ESL, History and legal studies and business.

James Travers-Murison LLB BA Dip FTWP Dip Ed